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Upcoming Projects

The EccentricTHE BOOKS

“The Eccentric”

Special Agent Joe Conlon is a quiet man, but he writes reams of letters to his eldest daughter, Maura, once she leaves home for college. He hopes one day she will return to live in the old neighborhood, but Maura is propelled by a free spirit, traveling to and living in far-flung places. Yet it turns out that Maura isn’t the only carefree soul. Her mysterious, stoic special agent father surprisingly proclaims—at the end of his life—that he secretly, has been “the eccentric” all along. These private letters from Joe Conlon are a testimony to his ironic wit and the secret bond he felt with the daughter who witnessed the vagaries of his heart seeking redemption.

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Global Climate LoveAUDIO PROGRAMS

“Global Climate Love”

While doing her doctoral work in Psychology, Maura Conlon-McIvor sets out to discover what people in her community think about sustainability and global climate change. She records their responses in her journal but soon realizes the change of tempo when she begins to ask about their earliest experiences as a child being out in nature. “Did you have a favorite hideout outdoors as a kid? A favorite tree? A spot of sea or ground you most loved,” she inquires. With the memories that come flooding out, she determines that sharing such stories from the heart may be one way to rekindle a relationship and renewed wonder with this evolving and multi-sensorial planet we call home.

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